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Hello! to everyone who will be following this Tech Blog in the future. Today, November 2, 2012, marks the first day of making a content for this technology blog and the developer hopes thousands of people will follow this website soon.

Developed by Mark Anthony Maranga, a Philippine-based Website Designer and Travel Blogger, Techie (http://techie.markmaranga.com) is envisioned to become a go-to-website for any concerns related to Computer Hardware and Repairs, Internet, Web Development and Search Engine Optimization.

After a few hours of website development yesterday, the designer was able to make a simple logo for the wordpress website, a slick navigation menu and added a free Windows 8 wallpaper design. Below is the first design and we hope it will become better in the next few weeks.

First Header Design of Techie

First Header Design of Techie

For years, the author has taught in International Computer Schools and has learned different tips and tricks in solving computer problems easily. His work as a Web Developer enables him to share his knowledge, skills and experiences related to the internet, web designing, web hosting, SEO and many more. He is a graduate of Electronics Technology and a NCII (National Competency II) certificate holder for Building Wiring and Motor Control. Because of his passion for technical stuffs, the author would like to share his ideas, experiences to his future readers – so for him to do it, he made this “Techie” blog to spread his words and advices.

Noun: Techie (tekee)

A technician who is highly proficient and enthusiastic about some technical field (especially computing)

Once again, welcome to this tech blog and we hope you will find the answers you need in this website in the future.

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