Tips in Choosing The Right SEO Company

SEO companies these days are everywhere. But can they help you achieve the goal you have set for your company or business? How can you tell that what they are offering is the most effective way to help your site improve visibility to a lot of users and rankings on search engines?

While there are good companies offering quality SEO to client site, there are also a lot of companies offering false solutions which tries to unfairly rig search engine results. They are companies that follow practices, which are against the Google Webmaster Guidelines and as a result your site might be removed from Google’s index or any other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Before taking any services of a SEO company to help your site, make sure that they are legitimate and consider performing the following:

1. Quick Check of the Company’s Background – It pays to check the company profile and the services that they offer. Browse through their website or call their previous clients to ask whether the company has indeed delivered what they have promised. In addition, check if the company is currently indexed in Google and is doing well on search results as that would speak much of their performance as an SEO company. To check if the company’s site is indexed, go to and type (replace with the SEO company’s website address) on the search box and hit enter.

2. Know the Services they Offer – Make sure to understand the services that they are offering. Pay attention to details such as they guarantee top 1 ranking on Google. No one can really tell or predict in anyway Google’s ranking as there’s no priority submit for Google. Ask for explanation if there are things that are not clear to you. You can even ask how they intend to help you and the SEO process they will implement on your site. If an SEO company participates in link schemes or uses scraped content, your site could be in big trouble and can be removed from Google’s index. You can check whether their process is in line with the guidelines by checking Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

3. Be Wise in Choosing – It might be confusing which company to choose as there are numerous of them, being knowledgeable can never go wrong. Search and be informed before you choose. There are many information about how you can do SEO the right way and Google has provided a lot of information on the do’s and don’t . Read the latest on SEO such as the impact on Google’s Panda and Penguin and how these had affected many sites. Be suspicious about a company who’s been sending you emails out of the blue.

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