New Google Webmaster Tool: Disavow Links

Google has launched another helpful tool last October 16, 2012, which enables webmasters to disavow links pointing to their site. Usually the links are coming from spammy sites which most of us don’t have control.

Let’s remember that links are what search engines used to order search results. Search engine spiders are following those links between pages and websites and by looking at those links they will know which page is relevant or important to users. Since links are part of the factor to determine rankings, it has been the target for spammers. Google has consistently fight linkspam and unnatural links. They consider those as a way of altering the algorithm thereby violating the Google Guidelines.

Linkspam has been the problem of webmasters especially when they don’t have control over the link pointing to their site. There are a lot of people who will try and destroy your website’s reputation by building a lot of links from spam sites or low-quality sites. When Google crawls your website and found those links, it will think that you violated the guidelines. As a result, you will lose your rankings or worst kicked out from Google indexed.

Disavow Links

Disavow Links

Before,it will be hard to disown those links but because of the recent tool released by Google, we can now disavow the spammy links pointing to our site. You will receive a message or notification in Webmaster Tools about unnatural links pointing to your site. Take those links down and visit disavow links page. It will help you get rid of those low-quality links from the root and you can preserve your sites reputation.

To know more about this new tool, visit or watch the video by Matt Cutts below:

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